How will Brexit affect my Job Search.

5 items to think about regarding Brexit uncertainty. Years from now people will ask, “where were you when Brexit news broke”, but for now, the question is will Brexit affect my Job Search? I remember being in shock and devastated and realising I was scheduled to run a workshop in the city on starting your own business the next day.

The energy of the attendees and mine was low to say the least.  The elephant was sitting squarely in the room.  The sadness, angry and anxiety was deep.  That was months ago and the world has not stopped   I get asked not only by my workshop attendees but my clients daily.  How will Brexit impact my career regardless of the path.

I read articles from a variety of sources, and have come up with some top tips to think about on how Brexit will impact your job hunt and new ventures.  I would love to hear what you think.

Turn Brexit uncertainty into job search success

So how will Brexit affect my job search and can I turn Brexit uncertainty into job search success.

  1. Continue as normal. According to my research it will take at least 2 years before we experience the full ramifications of our departure from the EU.  Europeans who already work in the UK will not necessarily be impacted in terms of having to go back to Europe but the same may or may not apply to Brits working in Europe.
  2. Stay focused, be positive build solid relationships and establish new networks. The Guardian stated that their might be less competition for roles. Only time will tell. Start now and take this opportunity to turn Brexit uncertainty into a job search success.
  3. Given the UK is still the 6th largest economy in the world companies will still need to recruit people and we still don’t know the financial impact; speaking to job seekers, if decisions are not being made in your particular sector then use this time to prepare, make sure you understand the sector and your CV reflects why you are the best person for the role.
  4. Spend time documenting your achievements, think about challenges you faced and actions you took to overcome obstacles and ‘show the reader’ the money. In other words include the quantitative or soft results.
  5. Job Search – Recruiters are a great part of the mix, but not the only way to find a role. Identify the recruiters that will do the best for you, find them through friends, and colleagues but don’t forget about the importance of working with your network of contacts. Last but not least do your research, understand what the industry expects and create a list of companies that meet your criteria and get in touch. Brexit uncertainty is a worry for many people. Now is the time to start preparing for your success.