About Cindy Etsell

My mission is to help people maximise their professional success through a better understanding and more effective communication of their unique strengths, abilities, passions, and values. I believe that everyone should be fulfilled in their careers and love what they do – what’s the point otherwise?

How I got into coaching

My first real experience of losing my job over 15 years ago was a huge shock. I had moved to London from Canada for a great new role, leaving everyone and everything I knew behind. Imagine my surprise and devastation to find out the company was up for sale (and they knew about the sale before I was transferred)!

The job market is not, and has never been, easy to navigate (and it’s not getting any easier either!). After brushing myself down, reassessing my next steps and giving myself a pep talk, I found another job.

The opportunity came to re-evaluate my life’s direction after being made redundant four times, (and quitting my job twice). I realised that the most fulfilling and inspiring part of my career had evolved around supporting people in their professional and personal growth. After talking to lots of friends and business colleagues, I learned that I’d been coaching and consulting most of my life. I knew what I needed to do.

We all have our own unique talents and we need to figure out what footprint we want to leave behind in the world, including in the workplace which is an integral part of our life. Taking my experience spanning several industry sectors, from technology and retail to education and career transition, performing roles in business development and marketing, Cooking Up Success was born.

My coaching and mentoring is designed to eliminate trial and error learning and replace it with a systematic, unique approach that guarantees a more reliable and timely result. Whether you’re managing a career or building a business, a roadmap to help you get where you are going is always preferable to taking the unmarked trail.

Are you ready to create your recipe for success?

Career Enhancement Consultant
I have seen Cindy in action and she’s amazing. She establishes an instant rapport with people at every level and manages to engage and motivate even the most challenging people. I highly recommend her.
I won “women in business” award in Dryden last weekend thanks to your coaching. I was shocked as its been 5 years and there were 8 nominees so pretty exciting except no speech planned. Lacking in the talking in front on 250 people thing though.
Kimberley Blair
Losing your job can make you feel quite bewildered and even somewhat paralysed. While dealing with the shock it is often hard to think clearly about what to do next and if you have been in a particular job for some time, you may not have an up-to-date c.v. nor a sense of what skills you can bring to a new position.