Coaching with Cindy Etsell

Do you relate to any of these statements?

  • I feel invisible at work, passed over for promotions, what can I do?
  • I want to go back to work but as a new mother I have no idea where to start.
  • My boss is making noises about me taking early retirement. I am too young to retire, what can I do?
  • I am at risk of redundancy, but no one is ever going to hire me.
  • I am bored, tired of doing the same old job. It pays well and is secure, but I wish I had the courage to do something different.
  • I want a better work life balance, but the commute is horrible.

If you answered yes to any of these, we’re here to help. We have worked with thousands of individuals to help them achieve their career potential, transition to a fulfilling career and enjoy a satisfying and rewarding working life.

We offer a highly personalised, practical and results-oriented approach using food as a metaphor for career development and change. Even a few ingredients can be transformed into a multitude of exciting recipes! We show you how your own unique ingredients can be configured in different ways to open up a variety of career possibilities. We help you identify your strengths, skills, desires and talents and then create strategies for combining them into your personal recipe for your success.

What’s involved?

We are avid food and people fans who strive to add the human touch to our coaching sessions by hosting them in a warm environment such as a kitchen or a café. The kitchen is the heart of our homes and provides a realm of potential and possibility, just like your career.

During our coaching sessions we’ll uncover your own career potential and the wide range of possibilities for your future.

  • We will work together on a one-to-one basis over a series of meetings to help you achieve your career goals. These could be in-person or remote, over the phone sessions.
  • There will be relevant exercises, questionnaires or practical tasks to complete which will be discussed in depth during your coaching sessions.
  • Practical help will be provided with all aspects of marketing your skills to an employer, including preparing your CV, finding suitable roles, and interview preparation.
  • You’ll receive advice on job offers, compensation negotiations and creating a positive impact as you transition to your new role.
  • Advice for returning to work after maternity leave, preparing for retirement, building a portfolio career or transitioning to self-employment is also provided.

Whatever your career direction, we provide you with all the steps to your next great job or career adventure.

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