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Career Transition and Executive Coaching

Organisations are undergoing massive change as are individuals given the current situation. My mission is to help make that career transition as easy as possible by giving practical steps to change the game based on my background as a corporate citizen, criminologist, social psychologist and sales and marketer and small business owner.

I take complex theories and create practical doable steps to enable you to, hit the ground running find the job or promotion, or raised you dreamed of and help you turn them into reality.

My role as a coach Is to inspire, motivate and be a game changer

Helping leaders think outside the box as well as incorporating where possible my passion for body language, neuroplasticity and the impact of these on our brain. I managed to thrive and grow by keeping positive and finding ways to turn problems on their head, change the focus to keep moving forward. Now I want to share those learnings with you.

Cindy’s a career transformation coach and strategist who works alongside you to help you discover your personal career goals by interviewing, listening and identifying your needs to then motivate you to shape a roadmap to meet your career plan and goals. The next step is to provide practical ways to turn that roadmap into reality.

I am also an author, moderator, keynote speaker, and senior career transition and leadership coach and incorporate body language and voice into my coaching.

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    Career coaching, transition can help if you want to:

    1. Improve your career progression within your current organisation
    2. Move into a new external role and company
    3. Explore your career options and create a personalised roadmap for success
    4. Make a complete career change
    5. Create visibility within your company
    6. Position yourself for future opportunities
    7. Proactively manage career risks such as redundancy and promotions
    8. Create a better work/life balance

    Our career coaching programmes are focused on determining your specific needs and may include:

    • Assess your current skills, experience and requirements
    • Documenting your experience, values and backgrounds

    Using a SOAR based framework I help you pull all the details together including the numerical value you added to the companies when working for them.  The SOAR framework stands for situation, obstacle, action and result.  Using this is a table allows you to track your accomplishments and demonstrate your value.  This underpins your CV and so much more.


    • Combine your SOAR examples to create an outstanding CV
    • Explore your career options and make a clear, realistic career action plan
    • Create your Job Search strategy
    • Access the specialist information, market intelligence and resources you need
    • Discover 3 key ways to maximise your job search to interview success rate
    • How to ace your interviews – strategies, body language and voice
    • Accessing tools on negotiating your job offer
    • Obtain the job you want and enhance your employability for the future

    In addition, you will benefit from:

    • My experience coaching over 2000+ individual at every level on their career journey
    • Personal background as a senior manager across Technology, Media, Recruitment, Outplacement and Criminal Justice
    • Tips on body language and voice –to increase your chances of success

    Programmes and prices?

    All of our career coaching programmes are tailored to individuals needs and are based on a number of 1-1 coaching hours supplied per programme.

    SME Business Support

    Your business is your passion, it occupies your thoughts and often there is no off button. Success or failure sits on your shoulders and that can be overwhelming. I work with business owners to provide that on-going support. Someone to talk to about day to day challenges all businesses face. That might be understanding your go-to-market, finding the right sales and marketing teams, and spending your funding in the right place to maximise output and minimise costs.

    25 years of business expertise which spans

    • 20 years of consultative selling – never missing a target
    • Recruitment and outplacement background
    • Senior leader – CMO, Sales and Marketing Director
    • Coached over 300 clients helping them achieve revenue, goals and work, life balance
    • Experience helping take start-ups to market
    • Channel and alliance background

    We push you to achieve your goals for your business by:

    • Provide a sounding board to help improve your decision-making skills
    • Getting the most out of your teams and investors
    • Increasing interpersonal effectiveness through Body Language, Voice and pitching
    • Providing a fresh perspective
    • Improving your focus on what matters to your business

    We offer a FREE 20 minute chemistry call 

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