Did you know that over a third of the UK workforce want to change careers? We are on a mission to help change that!

Our services include 1:1 coaching, workshops and speaker presentations, helping individuals and companies make the most of their talent. We are committed to helping our clients make confident career decisions, take action, and create successful futures. We work with all levels in the organisation, from graduates to mid-level managers and senior executives, inspiring and encouraging them to be the best they can be.

We follow a recipe for transition. How does it work?

Our services are held in a relaxed environment because we know that many social gatherings end up in the kitchen! The question is why? The kitchen is a warm, comfortable and inviting space. Not only do we use food as an analogy, we use real food ingredients as it has a huge impact on our state of mind and ability to focus and relax.

Drawing parallels to food, we go through each step in a recipe and apply that to the stages of career transition and change, along with the instructions for creating a delicious dish at home!