We are career development specialists with a focus on supporting individuals in transition. Whether you’re at a personal career crossroads or looking to invest in people development, we’ve got the tools, techniques and experience to help.



We provide a wealth of interactive learning opportunities. Services include tailored one-to-one career coaching, open workshops and bespoke, in-house workshops, with a wide range of recipes for success.



Using a unique methodology to career development using food as a metaphor for change, Cooking up Success provides a practical, proven approach to achieving your career goals.


Personal Branding

Our current economy is changing quicker than ever, and with it, jobs. Establishing a successful career in any industry requires more than core skills. It requires us to take control of our professional image. Whether you’re interested in finding a new job opportunity, growing your side hustle, or expanding your network, having a strong and identifiable personal brand will take you to the next level when it comes to your career aspirations. View our events calendar >>

About Cooking up Success

Our mission at Cooking Up Success is to combine a passion for food and people to create a unique environment for individuals and organisations to address career development needs and challenges.

We know what it’s like to deal with the challenges of everyday work. On top of doing the ‘day job’, there may be other things you’re grappling with too: how to promote yourself better internally so that you get noticed; finding a balance between the job and home life; maybe you’re facing redundancy and you’re not sure what to do next; or perhaps you’re at a crossroads and simply looking for a career change? You may even be looking to retire but you’re not sure what that might look like for you?

Whatever the challenge, we take your raw ingredients and together cook up a recipe for your success!



Cooking Up Success

One of my passions is food hence the name, “Cooking up Success”.  It combines my two loves: helping people find the career they love and food in all it guises.

Food is used as a metaphor to make the career transition journey less fearful, a little easier, and more fun.

Cindy’s mentoring really helped to restore my confidence after I lost my job and to realise how much I had to offer a new employer. Interviews were so much easier with her guidance”. Speak soon.

In the midst of a career or life change, and need some direction or inspiration? Cindy has a way of opening up your unique qualities and tapping into those hidden or unknown talents or desires! I have recommended Cindy on numerous occasions and have personally used her services more than once!
D Montgomery

I won “women in business” award in Dryden last weekend thanks to your coaching. I was shocked as its been 5 years and there were 8 nominees so pretty exciting except no speech planned. Lacking in the talking in front on 250 people thing though.

Kimberley Blair