Cooking up Success
Helping you discover the job of your dreams

by Cindy Etsell

Reached that stage where you want to change your life? Tired of the same role? Passed over for promotion, or seeking a work/life balance? If any of this sounds familiar, then this book is for you!

Cooking up Success is a combination of exercises, tips and tricks to help you work through the recruitment maze and master career change. Based on over 20 years of personal experiences since moving to the UK, when redundancy and change forced me to re-evaluate my skills, knowledge and approach to finding new employment, I have shared my learnings so that you can create your recipe for career success!

A unique methodology

Our approach to career transition is based on two passions, food and people. This methodology uses food as a metaphor for change. Based on my background, tried and tested with individuals, audiences and teams, we found that food breaks down barriers, helps put people under change in a relaxed state, and find it easier to relate to food and the synergy with changing careers.

We follow a recipe for transition. How does it work?

Our services are held in a relaxed environment because we know that many social gatherings end up in the kitchen! The question is why? The kitchen is a warm, comfortable and inviting space. Not only do we use food as an analogy, we use real food ingredients as it has a huge impact on our state of mind and ability to focus and relax.

Drawing parallels to food, we go through each step in a recipe and apply that to the stages of career transition and change, along with the instructions for creating a delicious dish at home!

You have your recipe: making a change is your goal.

Following the steps in any recipe, we start at the beginning, building on those ingredients needed to make a complete dish. Imagine these ingredients are your skills: read, work through the exercise and hopefully you will be inspired to find the career, job or employment you desire. When everything is changing around you, as it did for me, cooking can help keep you sane AND focused on your outcomes.