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Learn how to eat more mindfully and decrease food waste whilst meeting like-minded professionals.

About This Event

Did you know that approximately 10 million tonnes of food waste is generated every year! 70% of which is intended to be eaten by us. If you want to know how to create tasty dishes from leftovers then join us for our take on comfort food and networking ideas.

Mindful March brings hope of a lifted lockdown, joyous daffodils and the promise of longer days. Our attention turns to creating fun, tasty dishes out of nothing, focusing on health and using up everything in our fridge and feeling better about our positive impact on the planet.

At this gathering of the Virtual Kitchen, we’ll be:

  • Creating quick and easy smoothies with leftover fruit and vegetables
  • Preparing a tasty curry
  • Discussing substitutions to empty your fridge
  • Sharing ideas about about decreasing food waste

The Virtual Kitchen is a monthly online gathering where you learn to cook a dish, guided by a cookery teacher, in the company of other food lovers, and network with like-minded people – from the comfort of your own kitchen. It’s all about making great connections and building up your confidence, in and out of the kitchen.

Catherine and Cindy are both experienced coaches and the conversation always flows in interesting directions, (networking, leadership, life, coping with Covid, converting recipes to vegan to name but a few topics we have covered in the Virtual Kitchen).

Cook along with the live demo, or simply join the conversation, and learn how easy it is to network virtually to help create a more flavourful and fulfilling life for yourself!

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