5 items to prepare you for success.

Wow congratulations, so you have managed to land an interview for your dream job, fantastic.  Here are 5 tips to nail an interview and land your dream job that worked for me every time.

1. Be Prepared

Most interviewers ask a number of competency based questions so make sure you have gone through the job description in great detail. Be prepared and match those key competencies with examples or stories from your experience.  Remember telling a story captures imaginations delivery is important, keep it short, relevant and come use your voice to maximise the impact.

When trying to nail an interview, think back to why people hire us, we have the competencies, we can ‘show them the money’  we have done something similar before we become a “safe pair of hands”. Document your achievements so you remember them and can pull them out when they ask that challenging question.

2. Body Language

That first 30 seconds is essential to create impact and body language is very important, think love at first sight you have 30 seconds to create a positive or negative impression.  Before going to the interview use the power pose (inspiration from Amy Cuddy) and take deep breathes to help you relax.  When you arrive stand tall, feet shoulder width apart, don’t slouch, when you shake hands your hands must be dry, and the handshake firm (not limp or over firm) establish eye contact and smile.

3. Appearance Matters

Dress appropriately as appearance matters and it can only help your chances. When choosing a suit to wear, it’s best to stick to basic colours but please add colour. When trying to nail an interview, it doesn’t mean you have to be too flashy but being remembered is a good thing. Having a splash of colour will help.  For men, interesting tie, socks or cuff links can leave a positive lasting impression and women a coloured blouse, scarf or lipstick helps.

And if applying for a new position with your current employer, show up looking your best. When you’re interviewing within a company you already work for, wear a suit and dress professionally. You don’t want to give the wrong message that you feel you don’t have to make an effort.

4. On-line Presence

Depending on the role you have a strong professional image, which paints you in a positive manner from your picture to your posts. Online presence matters and every so often you should Google yourself so you can see how you come across to others.  Many companies will check out your social media profile including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter so make sure it is current and shows them what you want them to know

5. Finishing the interview and Follow-up

Did you nail the interview? What I am about to say may not be for everyone, I recommend at the end of the interview ask: ‘Do you think I am the right person for the role?’ It can be asked many different ways but be prepared if they so NO, see it as an opportunity to open up the discussion by asking why? Many times there is a question the interviewer forgot to ask, here is your opportunity to shine. If they still believe you are not the right person for the role, at least you know now instead of waiting for weeks for a call that never comes. Regardless of the outcome follow up with a Thank-you email or phone call.  It costs nothing, shows professionalism and helps them remember you.