After 32 years I finally faced my fear of heights and reached the summit of the Eiffel Tour. I was terrified as we approached the lift to the 2nd floor, and I felt my stomach hit my feet.

Being there with my brother and sister-in-law helped as they distracted me while we waited for the second lift. My palms were sweaty and I was terrified as we boarded the lift to the summit. I closed my eyes as we soared in the sky. I wished I had not agreed to go to the top, what was I thinking? Before I knew it we arrived, the doors opened and we made the final climb to the summit.

It took me a few minutes to believe I was there and what a most magnificent view of Paris. I felt euphoric, ecstatic and realised by allowing fear to control me I had missed out on this incredible view for 20+ years.  Not only that we manged to my success with a glass of champagne which added to the euphoria.  A week later and I still feel amazing and unstoppable!

So what are you afraid of, what is stopping you?

What is stopping you?  Are you in a role that you don’t like? Waiting for the promotion that never comes? Hoping to start your own business or change career direction?
Excuses, rationalisations, the whole what if, when really what underpins it all is that dread in the pit of our stomach called fear. And then then the unthinkable happens, we hear, ‘we need to make some changes and your job is at risk’, we go on high alert, that fight or flight mode kicks in and we are terrified. Add to that peer pressure and the need to maintain a certain lifestyle and our worst fears are realised.

What if each of us took control of our destiny, and created a career plan? In my career development book, Cooking up Success I share my career journey in the hope I can inspire others to take control of their destiny. If you need help get in touch.