Losing your job can make you feel quite bewildered and even somewhat paralysed. While dealing with the shock it is often hard to think clearly about what to do next and if you have been in a particular job for some time, you may not have an up-to-date c.v. nor a sense of what skills you can bring to a new position.


Cindy’s mentoring really helped to restore my confidence after I lost my job and to realise how much I had to offer a new employer. Interviews were so much easier with her guidance”. Speak soon.


In the midst of a career or life change, and need some direction or inspiration? Cindy has a way of opening up your unique qualities and tapping into those hidden or unknown talents or desires! I have recommended Cindy on numerous occasions and have personally used her services more than once!

D Montgomery

I won “women in business” award in Dryden last weekend thanks to your coaching. I was shocked as its been 5 years and there were 8 nominees so pretty exciting except no speech planned. Lacking in the talking in front on 250 people thing though.

Kimberley Blair, Your Content Goes Here