Many job seekers rely on Job Boards like Indeed, Reed or LinkedIn and some smaller niche ones as well depending on the industry they work in (Technology, Marketing, Financial Services, Manufacturing, etc.) While this is a one way of supplementing your job search it should never be 100%. I can help you get more interviews and job offers.

My recommendation is to spend 15-20% maxi in this area and consider other channels for your job search. If you are spending all your time using online job boards then this is a big reason why you are no getting calls for job interviews.

There are just too many people competing for those roles and you get lost in the crowd of other job seekers.  How can you expect to stand out when there is so much noise online?  It is nothing personal and doesn’t mean you don’t have the right experience. It is simply too busy.

Getting more interviews and ultimately job offers is all down to planning and self confidence. But your approach and CV must be perfect. If you want to know more, get in touch today.

I would recommend

  • Identifying companies you want to work for and create a detailed list
  • Review your network and see if you have any contacts that work in those companies and get in touch.
  • Identify different networking opportunities that will help you identify contacts, learn about the industry, find mentors and get your name out there.
  • If you don’t know anyone in the company find a decision maker and go direct to the company. Find something that is happening in the company and reach out or pick up the phone
  • Or you can apply directly to the company.
  • When you spot an interesting job on the recruitment job boards, see if you know someone who works there and ask them if you could have a chat to find out more about the job and see if they can refer you. You will go from the bottom of the pile to the top.


A CV highlighting accomplishments and success will lead to more interviews

Many CV’s have way too much detail and show what you did but are missing their accomplishments show me the money, what value did you add to the business.

Invest time in creating a winning CV – Make sure you have a short focused profile – please don’t use words like excellent, highly make it short and sweet to capture the recruiter or talent manager’s attention. Think about what you want them to know about you in 1 minute or less!

Company name then month year to month year, the underneath the role

One line that shows your top line responsibilities

Then show me those responsibilities in action

By doing these actions, I achieved these results – Show me the money!

– results that are numerical and demonstrate the value you added to the company.

Does your CV highlight accomplishments and success?


Start your sentence with action words (drove, implemented, presented, created etc.)

Researched, collaborated and implemented a social media campaign increasing impression to 650,000 in 3 months

On-boarded 15 new clients in 2 months resulting in a conversion of 25%


Do you tailor your CV for each role you apply for?

Read the Job description, highlight the key requirements (skills, experience etc.)

Make sure you have examples in your CV for the top 5 –if you don’t update your CV with some.

Put them in order of importance depending on where they appear in the Job Description

This shows the recruiter or talent manager you took the time to read the JD, highlight key areas and show them in action – Puts you ahead of the crowd to stand out.


Don't forget the all important covering letter


Don’t forget the all important covering letter

Writing a cover letter that is focused, concise and shows your ability makes all the difference in getting attention from job boards and recruiters.

Read the JD

Circle the core requirements (skills, experience and/or competencies) then prioritise them according you your expertise and importance for the job

Start your letter with those words

Example; Sales, business development, people management and CRM experience


These are just a few of the competencies required for the role of (put name of the role) and I believe describe my skills and experience perfectly.

STOP – next line give them 2 examples of the ones you highlighted -action outcome

Your letter is done and all it needs is a call to action, Need Help with your cover letter get in touch with me today.



Your CV should never be more than 2 pages, focus on the last 5-10 years the reader will look at the last 5 years so make sure that information stands out by providing examples of what you did and the numerical result achieved. Furthermore, a CV is the first step in getting more interviews and job offers. Take your first step to success.