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Learn the practical tools and strategies needed to influence, inform and inspire remote teams and audiences.

About this Event

Building close, strong relationships can be challenging when communicating across cities or time zones. As a manager, understanding how you come across through your verbal and non-verbal signals is essential to connecting authentically with remote audiences and employees so you can influence, inform and inspire across the virtual divide.

Research shows that when your verbal and non-verbal signals are out of alignment, people are forced to choose between what they hear and what they see. And subsconsciously, they’ll believe your body language.

This body language workshop will give you all the tools you need to interact with customers, clients, colleagues and bosses in the modern workplace, using proven techniques and strategies honed by expert body language coach, Cindy Etsell.

What you’ll learn

  • Practical tips for building and maintaining a healthy team culture that gets the important work done.
  • Assess how your body language signals are perceived.
  • Discover how to align your body language with your words.
  • Come across as comfortable and confident in any work setting, including Skype, Zoom or other methods of communication.
  • How to build trust between yourself and your colleagues when working remotely.
  • Exude positive leadership when speaking and presenting.

Who this workshop is for

  • Managers who want to create a better sense of leadership
  • Aspiring professionals who want to build on their professional image
  • Professionals who want to create stronger working relationships
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to read others better
  • Anyone looking to sharpen their non-verbal communication skills

About the presenter

Cindy Etsell is an experienced coach, facilitator and speaker, delivering inspirational learning events at conferences, seminars and online events to hundreds of managers and senior executives looking to unlock their career potential. She enables individuals and teams to build authentic relationships and connections in the workplace, both virtually and in-person.

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