Mike was a previous client who found himself once again at risk of redundancy and got in touch with me to book some private coaching sessions.

He had already experienced redundancy twice before and was focused on hitting the ground running to secure his next role. Starting with the work we had done previously, we immediately worked on updating his CV.

I also suggested we make both versions shorter and sharper, which he found to be very helpful especially when it comes to not having recruiters or hiring managers focus on his age and high level of experience. We then updated his LinkedIn profile, which is usually reviewed long before talent managers see your CV. I mentioned that our natural instinct is to mention everything in our CV, but too much information can put people off as it makes it daunting to read. The very foundation of your CV starts with writing out your achievements and demonstrating the numerical value you added to your past companies/employers.

During his job search he went through the process of applying to several online job postings, but he found that approach did not reap great rewards. My guidance was to consider all channels, and when he saw an interesting role advertised, I suggested he try to identify the hiring manager and then either find someone to introduce him in or make a direct approach. What was amazing is that he rarely even had to use either of his CVs because nearly all of his actual interviews were a result of personal introductions, which reaped huge rewards.

Our next mission was to discuss was what he wanted to do next, and then we did some market research within financial services to better understand current trends and opportunities, especially during the pandemic. We came up with a plan on how to maximise his experience, expertise and extensive network to find that next role.

From there he created a detailed list of companies ranging from big established companies to start-ups in the FinTech space. He then created a detailed spreadsheet to track his progress. He focused on specifically asking people to introduce him to anyone they knew who worked in the space of his target area of work, and it was those personal introductions that made all the difference.


This began his job search journey over 7 months.

The help and information he received from his network was exceptional, partly because he had often helped them in the past. Most individuals don’t realise how happy people are to help as they know the tables could easily turn. For example, one ex-colleague with whom he only occasionally interacted introduced him to a former client who is now at a start-up. They met and discussed doing some consulting work. Another ex-colleague with whom he had not worked for over 10 years made introductions to people at three different companies, one of which offered him a role. This final offer might not have happened had Mike not followed up with that company after several months from their first chat. A lesson in persistence pays off.

We met on a weekly basis initially then every 2 weeks to help keep him motivated, answer questions or brainstorm ideas.  Within 12 sessions he had his new role!

I helped him strategise when following up with potential leads, what to say for each scenario (phone, Zoom, email or LinkedIn) and how and when to respond. We focused on recognising that some will engage and help; others won’t.

His job search took about seven months where he had approximately 183 online meetings either via Zoom or other channels, and during that time he met 109 unique individuals!

I am now delighted to report he has a landed new permanent full-time role in the sector he loves with an innovative company. He demonstrates the art of the possible and how persistence and thinking outside the box will help find that new role.
In his own words,

“Having Cindy as a career coach was extremely valuable in helping me navigate a job search at this stage in my career and during a pandemic. She was not only an excellent sounding board to help me stay motivated and keep going through the highs and lows, but she also gave me new ideas of how to approach different companies and pitch my experience outside of the traditional CV based job applications. This is the second time in five years that she has helped me land a new and exciting job. I highly recommend her as a coach to anyone going through a career transition of any kind.”  Mike, Managing Director