So what happens after COVID? I was invited to the Royal Automobile Club in Mayfair which was pretty cool having never been there before. I was invited by one of my private banking clients who wanted to meet in person (now that we can!) to say thank you for helping him find his next role following several coaching sessions by Zoom.

I was REALLY excited about actually going into London again. Togged up in a dress heels for the first time in ages was strange but I felt great being back in work attire. Getting on the tube and finding my way around London was no problem once I got my bearings. But I suddenly felt a bit nervous, which surprised me as I love London and have travelled all over the world during my corporate life – so why was I a bag of nerves?

If I felt like that as a business woman and coach I wondered how many other people are feeling the same as we return to work? The office, meeting people in person, and doing the daily commute; are you afraid, scared or excited to be returning to some sense of normality?

What we’ve experienced during the last 17 months is unprecedented! And I think it’s made us especially conscious of how we feel as we step on the train or bus and finally meet our colleagues in person instead of through a computer screen. It’s OK to feel a bit scared nervous and excited. Those butterflies in your stomach are perfectly normal as we try to resume our ‘before Covid’ lives. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Recognise this is new norm before you leave the house. Take a deep breath – always in through the nose and out through the mouth – which will help calm you down. And check out Amy Cuddy’s Ted Talk when you get a moment. And if you’re feeling nervous or anxious, when possible try and travel in off peak time and give yourself a bit more space. Wear your favourite colour smile at the first person you see because it will make you feel and probably make their day a little brighter. Be kind to yourself and others!

If you need any other help or advice please get in touch