Whatever you put out there you get back. Our best networking tips are here to help you in your career. Importantly, be true to yourself and people will respond to your personal chemistry.

Think about networking as having new and interesting conversations. We have networked since the beginning of time, remember always be willing to help others and they will help you.  Be very clear on why you asked to meet.

Boomerang rules for your networking and career.

Here are my best networking tips for your career

  1. Think of networking as having new conversations – take the fear away be curious.
  2. Develop your positioning statement – The clearer you can be the greater impact you will have?
    • What do you do for the company? Your role?
    • Exacly what it is you do and for whom and why?
    • Explain what is the value of your role to the company?
    • Uniqueness, what makes you different?
    • Why meet? What is your objective?
    • What is your current or future path?
  3. You should think about the different groups of people. For example your neighbours, friends, colleagues, suppliers etc.? Who better to help you than people who know what you do and the value you can bring to their company.
  4. When going to a networking event be sure to have a plan. Start with a goal of meeting 1 new person you will be amazed how easy it is to meet two
  5. Networking is a supportive system of sharing information and services among individuals and groups who have a common interest. It is important to give, receive and follow up
  6. Prepare and memorise the main points in your professional objective and positioning statement. Be clear, concise and understandable.  Would someone outside your industry sector understand what you do and the value you add to whom and why?  Practice, test and refine.

I hope my 6 best networking tips gives you inspiration. Get in touch today.