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Career Workshops


Did you know that over a third of the UK workforce want to change careers? We are on a mission to help change that!

Our services include 1:1 coaching and career development support, helping individuals and companies make the most of their talent. We are committed to helping our clients make confident career decisions, take action, and create successful futures. We work with all levels in the organisation, from graduates to mid-level managers and senior executives, inspiring and encouraging them to be the best they can be.

We follow a recipe for transition. How does it work?
Our services are held in a relaxed environment because we know that many social gatherings end up in the kitchen! The question is why? The kitchen is a warm, comfortable and inviting space. Not only do we use food as an analogy, we use real food ingredients as it has a huge impact on our state of mind and ability to focus and relax.

Drawing parallels to food, we go through each step in a recipe and apply that to the stages of career transition and change, along with the instructions for creating a delicious dish at home!

You have your recipe: making a change is your goal.
Following the steps in any recipe, we start at the beginning, building on those ingredients needed to make a complete dish. Imagine these ingredients are your skills: read, work through the exercise and hopefully you will be inspired to find the career, job or employment you desire. When everything is changing around you, as it did for me, cooking can help keep you sane AND focused on your outcomes

Join us for an Interactive Session

Cooking Up Marketing & Sales Success for your Business – Find Out More

Career development workshops

Our workshops are interactive, fast-paced, and fun learning environments where you are the focus.

We are running a series of career development workshops throughout 2018 for individuals looking to progress and develop their professional careers. Browse our workshops and book your path to success today!

What you leave with:

  • What is important to you and what does that mean for you going forward?
  • Look at things differently, outside the box, to see things in a different perspective
  • Leave with 3 things to help you create your action plan for success
  • Make new connections to help you open new doors and start cooking up a recipe for your career

Losing your job can make you feel quite bewildered and even somewhat paralysed. While dealing with the shock it is often hard to think clearly about what to do next and if you have been in a particular job for some time, you may not have an up-to-date CV nor a sense of what skills you can bring to a new position.

Lynn, Private Client Academic


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I won “women in business” award in Dryden last weekend thanks to your coaching. I was shocked as its been 5 years and there were 8 nominees so pretty exciting except no speech planned. Lacking in the talking in front on 250 people thing though.

Kimberley Blair

In the midst of a career or life change, and need some direction or inspiration? Cindy has a way of opening up your unique qualities and tapping into those hidden or unknown talents or desires! I have recommended Cindy on numerous occasions and have personally used her services more than once!