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Career Enhancement Consultant

My name is Cindy Etsell and look forward to being your Career Enhancement Consultant.

My first real experience of losing my job was a huge shock. I moved to London from Canada for a great new role so I left everyone and everything behind. Imagine my surprise and devastation to find out the company was up for sale! To make matters worse they knew about the company sale before I was transferred from Canada to the UK.

Life Experience

There begins an incredible journey moving from sales, to marketing, back to sales then into business development. The constant was sales, marketing and partnering. My industry experience includes: Retail, FMCG, Government, Recruitment & Outplacement and Technology where I currently work.

Was the journey smooth no, but what I learned about people, politics, management and life was amazing. Hard at times as I was made redundant 3 times and quit twice. The roles took many forms, freelance, contract and PAYE not to mention running my own business for a bit. What a wonderful feeling knowing I could go through that and live to tell the tale, and now as a Career Enhancement Consultant, I can pass on this experience.

Career Enhancement Consultant
I won “women in business” award in Dryden last weekend thanks to your coaching. I was shocked as its been 5 years and there were 8 nominees so pretty exciting except no speech planned. Lacking in the talking in front on 250 people thing though.
Kimberley Blair
Losing your job can make you feel quite bewildered and even somewhat paralysed. While dealing with the shock it is often hard to think clearly about what to do next and if you have been in a particular job for some time, you may not have an up-to-date c.v. nor a sense of what skills you can bring to a new position.
I have seen Cindy in action and she’s amazing. She establishes an instant rapport with people at every level and manages to engage and motivate even the most challenging people. I highly recommend her.